Wikimedia Indigenous Languages, changing the name?

I am following up [ from the Telegram group] (I can not open it in Firefox, Chrome, be it Windows or Android! Can please someone double-check it?) . I think this is a better platform to keep track of the interventions in the thread, and and a great opportunity to start using Wikimedia Space.

On “minority” in Quebec, as applying also to English, I would say it is rather the exception that confirms the rule. We are not free of paradoxes. In linguistics, we differentiate between terminology (speciality words) and words of general use. Minority in Quebec is legal jargon for that jurisdiction; it does not apply generally.

If we are to use a name that provides a sense of identity, I would not think of underresourced, which sounds to me good, but only partially good, a [ synecdoche]. Our languages are not only underresourced, but comprised in the larger concept of minority, including broader considerations, yes technical, but also sociolinguistic, legal, or political. “Lesser-used language” is also used in English for Western European languages we are dealing with (that does not convince me as much).

Underrepresented? I am open. Anyway, I hope there are more contributions!


I believe under-resourced is a narrower and more specific term than underrepresented and thus more appropriate if we are to choose between these two. However the vision that unites us can be reformulated otherwise as well — something like Wikimedia Linguistic Diversity Sustainability Initiative. But we will eventually want to address representation as well — how can Basque receive proper status and support in all countries, as well as all other languages enjoying similar one in Basque country.

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Diversity works pretty well with me! I would love to hear other opinions though in order to have a consensus as wide as possible

It’s official. Wikimedia Indigenous Languages has been renamed to Wikimedia Language Diversity.

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Should we just rename here as well?

@Inaki-LL, @Frhdkazan, @JP_Béland_WMCA it looks like the best way to go would be to rename to Wikimedia Language Diversity here as well. Confirmation through a like or a quick comment would be great (from you or from anyone else who would like to weigh in), and I’ll rename.

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Good day, with the renaming of Wikimedia Indigenous Languages to Wikimedia Language Diversity, should we rename also this category on Wikimedia Space to “language diversity”?


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I’d be happy to change the name if those interested agree!

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