Wikimedia login comes to Wikimedia Space

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Wikimedia login has been successfully deployed on Wikimedia Space. This feature allows users to log in to Space directly with their Wikimedia accounts, no Phabricator account required. Logging in or creating an account is now just as simple as a few clicks. This feature is critical to improving the accessibility of Space, and greatly facilitates the process for anyone who’s interested in joining.

Enabling Wikimedia login has been the first step, and there is more:

Username conformity and formatting

The vast majority of usernames will be identical between Wikimedia projects and Space. The small exception is that Discourse (the software powering Discuss Space) has a set of characters forbidden in usernames that differs from MediaWiki’s, such as parentheses and spaces. Usernames in different scripts should work, but if you find a problem please report it.

When a new user creates a Space account, their username automatically reflects their Wikimedia username, with an option to input an additional alternative name if desired. Username conformity between Space and Wikimedia projects is critical for accountability and community building, and also greatly simplifies our interactions with one another. 

Enforcing username conformity for users with an existing Space account

If your current Space username differs from your Wikimedia username, it will be automatically modified on October 28. The goal is to align all Space usernames with their respective Wikimedia usernames, as described above. If your Space username is different from your Wikimedia username and you have concerns about this automatic renaming, feel free to contact the Space moderators.

Details for existing users whose usernames will be changing:

  • Discourse, the software powering Discuss Space, relies on the “user_id” to for user associations in Discourse. This means a change in username will have minimal effect.
  • Any username changes that result in a conflict, we can opt to handle in one of the following ways:
    • Automatically change a conflicting username to a new one (i.e. “username” becomes “username1”
    • Suggest a list of alternates to the user
    • Deny account creation

Feedback on how to best handle this is welcome.

Thanks, all, for your involvement in this process so far. We look forward to continuing to make the process of joining and accessing Wikimedia Space easier for everyone.


Thanks for the update. I feel like an actual example of what you mean by “differing” would probably help more. For instance, on wiki I’m Elitre (WMF), but here I’m Elitre-WMF. Would this change, and if so, how?

Also: I think, How to join Wikimedia Space and other relevant documentation should be updated.

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That makes me wonder, are staff people expected to have two identities on Space like on Wikipedia? Or is it a free-for-all and some just chose to put WMF in their name?

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Thanks, I logged of, and logged on again. I was presented with a Wikimedia OAuth logon screen, with meta in the background. The log on associates my Wikimedia username with space with the space account without space. Has the possibility to log on through Phabricator gone?

Only the real O.Gs will remember how it was to login with Phabricator.

:candle: Phabricator login.


Staff usernames are a good example. Your Space username will change from Elitre-WMF to Elitre_WMF. Mine will change in the same way :)

On the immediate to do list!

Yes, expectations are the same. See the usernames guidelines. We have been making suggestions, but haven’t been comprehensively enforcing uniformity knowing that the login would soon handle that for us.

Took me a bit to understand this because of all the different “space” references going on! I think I get what you mean - that you lost the space character that used to appear in your Space username? A quick search seems to show that previous mentions if you (for example here) have not been broken. So it looks like your account has continued uninterrupted.


To note: a few users have found that the account they made before the Wikimedia login was enabled has not been recognized when trying to log in now.

This issue is arising because the new Wikimedia login on Space works based on the email associated with a user’s Wikimedia account. If the email address associated with the user’s Wikimedia account is different from that associated with their original Space account, the login will force a new username.

We can resolve these cases, as they come up, in one of two ways:

  1. The user can update their Wikimedia account to reflect the email address used when signing up for a Space account. This will allow login directly to the original account. Space admins can then delete the second account that was created.

  2. For users that don’t want to update their Wikimedia account, Space admins can merge the two existing accounts, selecting the email address associated with the Wikimedia account as the primary email address for Space. This will change the destination of notification emails.

Admins have PM’d those currently affected. If you find yourself affected by this, please let us know.

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eh cool… can someone merge my 2 accounts ?? ;)

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Hi @TheDJ / @TheDJ, we were looking for a tester and I cannot think of a better tester for merging users than you. :smile:

I’ll message you privately. If anyone else has the same problem, you can contact the @moderators privately.

Help! Can you do that for me too ;) (I want the older notafish account to take precedence on this, of course :P). Also messaging privately.

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I replied to @notafish / @notafish privately with a clarification, that I am sharing here for other people in the same situation:

To be clear, the question is which email address you want to use at the end BOTH for your Wikimedia and your Space accounts, the email address you currently have for your Wikimedia account or the one you have for Space?

No matter which email address you choose, you will end up with the same Space account with all your previous posts, badges, etc.

Yes, my account works uninterrupted, @ELappen_WMF. I had chosen at sign up time as space account “AdHuikeshoven” without space. Would I sign up now with my Wikimedia account “Ad Huikeshoven” I would get “Ad_Huikeshoven”, with an underscore replacing the space in my Wikimedia username, wouldn’t I? If so, and yes, than I would like a rename of my space account from “AdHuikeshoven” to “Ad_Huikeshoven”. Thanks.

This change should happen automatically when conformity for pre-SUL users is put in place on October 28. At that point, your Space username should automatically be changed to Ad_Huikeshoven to reflect your Wikimedia username. Yours will be a good test case when this happens! Until then, you should be able to log in and out freely with no change to your username (as I think you have been).


I think my account is confused then, because my Space account is linked to my personal wiki account. Is that a problem? The accounts are equivalent, because I mostly post here as a volunteer, in relation to local meetups and things, but the WMF in my username maybe is confusing.

So accounts were merged but one thing is still pending: My name displays as Notafish (with an uppercase first letter) and it is due to a limitation of the Mediawiki software in getting user names. When I signed up for Space before my account was merged, I had notafish with a lowercase. I really really really hate the capital letter. I haven’t found a way to display it differently than the way it is in the software, something I routinely do on wikis:
Does anyone know if there is a possibility to change the way the usernme is displayed in Discord? Or can you give me my lowercase back please? The “nickname” field in the preferences does not seem to do the trick.

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That is not possible (or rather, possible right now, but having the same username will be enforced at some point). The nickname (which is freely editable) is visible on your profile but otherwise not used prominently.

(Note that Discord and Discourse are different things.)

Hahahaha discord/discourse mixup. Oops.yes of cord. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I truly hate the capital letter, so for me this is a deal breaker. I would rather go around with a disconnected notafishz account with a lowercase than see a capital N all over the place. Funny, I didn’t realize how it makes me truly feel until seeing it here. (On mediawiki it’s with the capital N in the history but everywhere else I can customize what it looks like: pages, signature etc. )