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We the Wikimedia Space maintainers are very sorry that new users have to understand How to join Wikimedia Space in order to create their new acount. One day, starting participating here will require just one click or two, relying on your Wikimedia login.

No worries, we will let you know as soon as Wikimedia login is enabled. Meanwhile, if you are technically curious…

To implement Wikimedia login, there are two possible routes that come to mind:

  1. Using OmniAuth to create a Discourse MediaWiki login plugin, which thanks to the work laid out by others could be a relatively simple task (for a specialized developer).
  2. Adding OAuth 2.0 support to MediaWiki would be a solid solution, because Discourse supports Single Sign-On via OAuth 2.0. However, this might take time.

In the next days, we are going to explore the situation in both routes.


Hi Quim, I did a MediaWiki OAuth login already here without a problem, Ad


Considering the signup loop problem that some users are having, I think the priority of implementing proper Wikimeda login bypassing Phabricator is even higher.

I have bumped Add MediaWiki login support to Discourse to high priority.

Will SUL login work for people who have not set (or confirmed) any email address for their wiki account?

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I would turn this question into a requirement: should SUL work for Wikimedia accounts without an email address confirmed?

Discourse requires an email address, therefore the question is whether the user would be presented with a chance to enter their email address or with a dialog saying that an email address is required in their Wikimedia account. (I’m talking without a clue about what is technically possible.) :innocent:

Just curious, can Wikimedia accounts without an email address get a Phabricator account? I believe Phabricator requires email address too.

Relatedly, what happens when someone changes their SUL email address? I’d imagine the SUL id <-> Discourse user ID association is already stored by that point so they will still be logged into their old account, but it’s something to consider.

Correct, per docs.

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I signed up way too long ago so that I don’t recall what I did in 2014 for signing up for phab, but I thought phab also does not sync their email once the account is created? So solving this one would solve another, I guess.

I changed my primary e-mail at my SUL a couple of years ago, but phab stored my old e-mail and I had to change it manually recently.

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A first version of the Wikimedia login plugin for Discourse is available at https:// Testers wanted!

As soon as we are confident about the quality of this plugin we will install it here in Space and we will remove the Phabricator login workaround.

ehm… i can’t login at all anymore there now. First of all discourse uses popup windows… yuck, safari blocks all these by default for me. Second even if i explicitly grant them for that domain, all 3 login methods now result in the error: “Authorization timed out, or you have switched browsers. Please try again.” in that popup now.

Mmm after logging out I could log in with the new Wikimedia login, but I could log in with the Phabricator login just fine, as usual.

First reports of Wikimedia login working!

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What happens if one logs out? Are they logged out from all Wikimedia accounts on all devices (similarly to what happens if one logs out of a Wikimedia project)?

Alright, after last week’s wave of feedback, we have identified two blockers to enable Wikimedia login here in Space:

There might be other problems related with Wikimedia usernames normalized in Discourse, Unicode characters, emails changing, accounts being renamed… but we believe that these points can be investigated in depth and tested further while Space is a prototype as well. Having the plugin enabled here will help us testing it better before moving to production.

There is a new page with technical documentation about this plugin. It includes a section about scenarios that we still need to clarify.

There are many other questions left at the discourse-mediawiki topic. We will address during this week.

No, currently logging in/out is independent, and we even need to discussed what is the preferred behavior. For instance, logging out of Phabricator doesn’t log you out of Wikimedia wikis, and this doesn’t seem to be a problem after several years and thousands of users.


The login is now live! This is a huge milestone and I want to thank everyone that was involved in the testing and feedback process. :fireworks:

I am working on a post that provides an orientation for those who haven’t been involved so far, and outlines next steps. This will go up later today, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Thanks again, everyone!


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There you can find more information about next steps, and information about what to do if your account has been duplicated.