Wikimedia Portugal Strategy Salon

Wikimedia Portugal Strategy Salon


Oi. Que bacana! Vai haver transmissão ao vivo? Tenho interesse em participar, se houver a possibilidade. Fico no aguardo de resposta. Abraço.

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Penso que sim, tem de perguntar ao Manuel de Sousa, que é quem está organizando esse evento. Eu não estarei lá.

tem de perguntar ao Manuel de Sousa

@Darwin: você sabe se ele está cadastrado nesse espaço?

Tenho a certeza que não está. Ninguém está, né?

Mas mande uma mensagem pra lista interna destinada a ele ( que chega lá.

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De qualquer modo a WMF ainda não assegurou esse financiamento, de modo que ainda está tudo em aberto.

Mantenha-nos avisados, por favor.

Tivemos que adiar o evento. Avisamos quando tivermos nova data.


This is now scheduled to 15 September, but I’ve no idea on how to change this date

@Darwin, Try the edit button. Just next to your post.

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It doesn’t seem to work (if it’s the one I’m seeing there). Nevermind, too late, it’s already happening.

But there definitively is a problem with the usability of this space.

Hi @Darwin, for what is worth I changed the date (silently) a couple of days before the event.

Do you see a pencil icon at the right of the title of this post? Clicking that pencil you should be able to edit the date of events in the future.

Also, currently all new posts have wiki format, which allows anyone to edit the first post (and in this case it would have allowed others to fix the problem apart from your and the moderators.

I hope this helps!


Hello @qgil-WMF, thanks for the reply. But it still shows 14 September there… The Saloon happened in 15 September, not 14. i don’t see any option to change that, neither in the edit button nor anywhere else.

It seems that you have hit two problems at once. I’m sorry this coincidence happened, and I hope we have better luck in newly created events.

I have reported this problem at Showing full day events in local time may lead to confusing results

This is strange, but you are right. Meanwhile, other users have created new events and have been able to edit them. If you want to try and create a new event, even if it is only for testing, be our guest.

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Thanks for the reply, @qgil-WMF . If it happens again I will report

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