[wikimedia-pt] Fwd: [wikicite-discuss] Announcing two new WikiCite grant programs: Project & events, and e-scholarships

Dear all,

I have the great pleasure to announce two new grant programs for projects that support the goals of WikiCite: the promotion open citations and linked bibliographic data to serve free knowledge.

The steering committee is now accepting applications for the following two types of grants. For both types the application deadline is 1 October 2020, and all projects must be completed by 1 May 2021.

— Project & Event grants —

Grants between $2,000 and $10,000 (USD equivalent) are available to individuals, groups, and organisations with a project that supports the goals of Wikicite.

All the details, the eligibility criteria (especially for in-person events[1]), and the application form are available on the WikiCite project & event grants homepage:

Individuals, groups, and organizations may apply, and projects may be of any nature. This includes technical (e.g. software, tools), event (online, or in-person), resources (training materials, documentation), or other forms not mentioned – as long as it supports the goals of WikiCite.

— e-Scholarships —

The e-scholarship program is a new kind of grant in Wikimedia, created in response to an era of COVID-19 quarantines, and the 2030 Movement strategy goals.

An e-scholarship provides a per-diem equivalent allowance for 1-5 people to stay at their home(s) and work for 2-4 days on a project supporting the mission of WikiCite. e-scholarship recipients’ projects can be the kinds of things they might have previously undertaken with a scholarship for an in-person hackathon, unconference, or research trip, for example.

All the details, eligibility criteria, program design principles, and the application form are available on the WikiCite e-scholarships homepage: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiCite/e-scholarship

Funding will:

  • be provided in advance;
  • be calculated at the WMF per-diem rate for the city where the e-scholarship recipient lives;
  • and (as it is a living allowance) not require recipients to submit expense reports.

“Remote group” applications are encouraged, as are projects which focus on content or communities which are historically underrepresented in Wikimedia projects. Building a bot, fixing a tool, wrangling a dataset, writing complete documentation… all are valid e-scholarship projects. A confirmation letter (in advance) and/or participation certificate (afterwards) can also be provided.

Liam Wyatt [Wittylama]