Wikimedia Space as slow media

I found this opinion essay from author/journalist Annalee Newitz to be rather hopeful and inspiring.

“The key to slow media is that it puts humans back in control of the information they share.”

I think Space is slow media, or has the potential to be, for Wikimedia.

Half joking here, but maybe if we get more folks working collaboratively here over say Facebook they’ll be less grumpy. :) I personally got rid of Facebook because every time I went there (yes, my own fault) it was negatively affecting my mental health.


Also, visually interesting scroll down feature in that article. :slight_smile:

As the person who originally coined the term ‘Slow Media’ is actually a Wikimedian (Sabria David currently serves as vice chair on the Wikimedia Deutschland board), we might even have someone to ask for recommendations ;-)


My Facebook account has recently been disabled after an anonymous person filed three false copyright infringement reports, but on the other hand I am happy that I do not need to go there anymore, it would typically suck out my energy even after I decided that I obly comment in topics started by my FB friends.

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