Wikimedia Space editorial board meeting 7/12

This is a recurring meeting for Space editorial board to discuss submissions, calendar, and upcoming posts. The agenda will be to look through current proposals and drafts, and suggest new items for the future.

Open to everyone.

Friday every other week at 16:00 UTC - 9 AM PT starting July 12th.

Join URL:

Etherpad for notes:

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Does ths get bumped if I comment? let’s find out.


For whoever’s going, feel free to test out the RSVP feature by clicking “Going” at the top of the topic.


We had our first meeting and walked through the editorial calendar and tracking doc for the blog. We added a few items to the editorial calendar and even published a post we have pending review.

Due to this being the first attempt, we had a few points to adjust for

  • We made the tracking doc public so anyone interested in helping with curating news can do so
  • We need to document the publication process and create a “pre-flight” checklist before you smash the big Publish button. What options to set, how to add categories/tags, scheduling posts, etc.
  • We didn’t take notes! Even though I created an etherpad. :/ (I’ve added these notes to the etherpad)
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I tried to follow the meeting through the etherpad, which didn’t work out. Now I know why. Thanks for sharing the notes.


Oh no. That’s something we’ll have to figure out. Remote, non-video participation. I’m creating a phab tasks so I don’t forget. :)