Wikimedia Space Grand Vision - founding proposal, FAQ and more, from Meta

Might I recommend that everyone catches up with the proposal on Meta, for context, before continuing discussion here. I have included the concept picture here.


There might be more Wikimedians who stumbled upon Wikimedia Space without the proper orientation, like me.

Also, there seems to be private (hidden) pages where development is discussed and issues are voted on - in the interests of the maintainers’ sanity, and to avoid duplication, I would guess that asking for an invitation there might be the right course of action for those interested in taking part in discussing the evolution of this space itself. Edit: Quickly pointed out by @ELappen_WMF is that all discussion is happening here in public, bar one or two issues with legal implications - to which the proper sensitivity and introduction is needed - I’m thankful that I we have experts to deal with those - much more fun focusuing on the practical things we’d like to see.

I would also highly recommend reading the FAQ on Meta. An excerpt:

Can content from Wikimedia Space be followed from MediaWiki wikis? edit

This is a goal for this project. We will have a better assessment after launching this platform.

Thanks to all involved, so far.


Hi @Dagelf, happy to see you here!

Development of Space is public and being publicly discussed here, in the #about-wikimedia-space category, with elaborations and technical details being sorted out on Phabricator when necessary (and we always try to link). The only topics that are not made public are because they have some more sensitive legal implications, but those are very few. There is no voting taking place privately :slight_smile:

I see you’ve already found the Success criteria for the Wikimedia Space prototype post, which is probably the most comprehensive development overview at the moment. Thanks for your feedback there.

Thanks for catching up on all the content. Looking forward to hearing from you as Space continues to develop!


@Dagelf i :two_hearts: u 4 this post… @ELappen_WMF is doing a wunderful job… I 💕 to be lost in @wikimedia space i have no idea, what is going on here… but i feel it: it will be GREAT :-)

lets fight 4


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