Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019

Wikimedia Technical Conference: Developer Productivity

November 12–15, 2019 — Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Participants of this event agree to follow the Friendly Space Policy and the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia Technical Spaces.

Vision Statement

Becoming the essential infrastructure of Free Knowledge requires a diverse and equitable technical contributor community (staff and volunteers alike). To reduce barriers to entry and to enable faster and easier development, we must provide a modern and complete engineering productivity ecosystem. Everything from code-review and code health, to local development and testing, from proof of concept creation to production deployment and monitoring.

Come join us at the Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019 to help address all of the issues — large and small — that will make all parts of our engineers’ lives happier, healthier, and more productive.


We have just ended a phase of public feedback on the themes and sessions for the conference and are now in the process of scheduling everything out! Check out what will be happening at the conference and comment away! :)