[Wikimediaindia-l] Fundraising in India - Launched

Hey all,

It makes me very happy to announce we have at last launched our fundraiser in India :) This has been a huge effort and I want to thank the community members who have passed on feedback, tested our infrastructure, forwarded tweets and news stories, and just generally been amazingly supportive :)

Like our other fundraising campaigns this will run for around 4 weeks. If you are regularly seeing banners, I recommend you log in to your wikimedia accounts on wiki. We don’t show banners to logged in users so as to not disrupt their work.

As before:

You can also contact me directly with my email address seddon@wikimedia.org and I can forward your feedback to the right person on the team.

Thank you everyone!


Here is some note by Amit Abhyankar on Facebook. There are similar comments on this post.

Mostly of people asked of if the donation notice was geninue or scam. Since they know I am closely associated with wikipedia movement they asked me.

Sudden popup of donation notice seems like a spam or hacking by external agency. Totally uncool. And seeing the count shown I felt like I am being tracked. It’s too much of a bad feeling.

Totally unhappy about the way fundraising banners are shown.


J. Balaji.


Er. Suyash Dwivedi (pronouns - he/his/him)
IST (Indian Standard Time) UTC+5:30
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+1 to everything that others said. We are getting negative reactions from readers everywhere. No doubt, it’s a bad design with a very unacceptable tone to ask for money. In the midst of COVID-19 crisis, it’s a very bad timing too.

Being active on non-Wikipedia projects, this donation campaign does not concern me at all, but for our Indian Wikipedia editors, there is an extremely serious safety concern. Hope you have all noticed this article and can understand the gravity of the situation.


So, Indian Wikipedia editors, please stay low and stay safe. This is WMF campaign and it is definitely not worth to risk our own lives and families for this. Personally, I am telling people to ask WMF fundraising team directly when people are asking for explanations from me.


(As a non-Wikipedia volunteer worried about our vulnerable Wikipedia community members)

+1 and I agree with others. I am working on Wikipedia from last five years and during my journey I just felt we are here for each other. I will go through with Bodhi’s point that we are facing these difficult times due to COVID-19 and cases are increasing day by day in India, as all know. It’s time to do something for voulnteers from WMF and relize them that there existence is valuablिe or important. The on-grounded events have been shut down because of COVID-19 and foundation can plan something for volunteers without any demand from them because everyone (needy people) needs the attention from WMF and this is more important than anything else.

Thank you