[Wikimediaindia-l] Fwd: Wikimedia Clinic #003 today at 08:00 UTC

Dear Wikimedians,

A quick reminder that we will be having another Wikimedia Clinic open call today, in about three hours, at 08:00 UTC.

The Wikimedia Clinics calls are open video calls (using Google Meet) where any active Wikimedian is welcome to attend and ask questions or ask for advice about whatever Wikimedia-related goal or problem they’re working on.You can also just share what you’re working on and invite feedback, even if you don’t have a specific question. Or people can just connect to hang out, or to offer their own experience to the people asking questions.

It’s relaxed and informal. The calls are a Friendly space. Attendees are expected to:

  • Listen with patience and respect.
  • Share your experience, but remember others’ contexts are very diverse, and may not match yours.
  • Be of service.

The Google Meet link is https://meet.google.com/hmb-hfjk-jtk

NOTE: I know the Branding project is still a topic of interest and debate for many of you. While you are welcome to bring it up during a clinic and share thoughts with each other, I’m afraid this upcoming call won’t have new information from WMF’s side beyond the last communication from the Board, and those interested in further engagement on the topic would be able to get more answers on the same general channels on Meta and the Wikimedia-l mailing list they have already been using. Again, the topic is not taboo on the Wikimedia Clinic, but I do want to set expectations for people who may only attend hoping to hear new information about it.



Asaf Bartov (he/him/his)

Senior Program Officer, Emerging Wikimedia Communities

Wikimedia Foundation

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