[Wikimediaindia-l] Fwd: [Wikimedia-l] Gift Wikipedia a Citation on its 20th Birthday!


Dear Sir,

I’m very happy to learn that **20 years of wikipedia (Eng) service is going to be +, **celebrated and lots of preparations are going on. This is a worthy cause. I remember a decade of service of **Wikipedia **was Celebrated at **Sophia college, churchgate, South Mumbai on 31st October, 2010, **where I participated as Kannada language editor along with my friends, Shri. Hariprasad nadig, and Shrikant mishrikoti. I met Mr. Jimmy Wales after his presentation of his lecture.

Even in the year 2005 :

It was way back in 2005, Shri. Hari Prasad Nadig and we started contributing to kannada wikipedia, which was in the embryonic state. (It has not made a beginning and very few articles were there in kannada language) Now wikipedia has grown in length and breadth, including, Konkani, Tulu languages by the efforts of various Administrators and other staff members.

Battle cry :

I would like to call it a ***battle cry ***in my case. My IP has been blocked and not allowed me to contribute articles and edit the old ones. Of course I admit that I have violated some rules. That is purely because I’m an old timer (now I’m going to be 77 on 24th, January, 2021) and not accustomed with the modern rules and regulations. Believe me my intention was purely to contribute as many number of articles as possible in kannada language.

In spite of contributing nearly a thousand articles, in kannada and half dozen articles in English, I’m sidelined and my pride is hurt, and now I face so much insult among my family members. This is a terrible insult for me.

I know very well that this is not a place to tell my egony, but there is no one to listen to me. Please pardon me. and allow me continue my work of editing and creating articles with pictures taken by my camera.

**I have decided, and hardened my mind not to brood over the past. I deserve this humiliation and insult. I will face it. All the best and let Wikipedia further grow to greater heights. **God bless Wikipedia !

-Radhatanaya (H.R.Laxmivenkatesh)


M : 9004356819

Link : https://ve1ka2te3sh4.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/wikipedia-celebrates-10th-anniversary-at-the-sophia-college-mumbai/



Dear Holalkere Rangarao Laxmivenkatesh,

Every Wikimedian’s contribution is of great value and the movement should respect their volunteer contribution perpetually. So is yours contribution. But this mailing list is not a place to fix a IP address block. You should discuss on Kannada Wikipedia Village Pump (http://kn.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:VP), and NOT here. If you have already discussed and the issue is unsolved you can contact a steward instead. But all that should happen in your home community – the Kannada Wikipedia and Kannada Wikimedia projects.

I have seen your messages several times in this list. If none has flagged it already, it seems to me like hijacking another discussion. This particular discussion is about a Wikipedia event, not solving an issue with IP addresses. It would be very unfortunate if such a time-sensitive issue is hijacked to solve a personal user account issue. There is a separate forum to discuss and solve that. Please refrain from such repeated spams. I will also request mods to moderate such posts while assuming good faith.