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This might be some food for thought, and inputs are welcome. India mailing list is the largest and most widely used Wikimedia mailing list for the Indian community. Could we have a practice that all grant requests from the country (or related to) are informed on the Wikimediaindia-l mailing list?

Whether it is a state-level, project-level, language-level etc, or whether it is a rapid grant, project grant etc it would be good to see the plan details on this mailing list in advance. It will ensure greater visibility, and it will also ensure the community’s understanding/knowing of each other’s projects.

If we can have a practice like this, we can inform Wikimedia, or CR team or relevant support structure(s) as an India community practice.

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I completely agree with you and definitely will like to adopt your inputs in the near future. Thank you for coming up with such a relevant suggestion and inspiring me in my wiki journey.

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Hello Tito,

Many of us are already doing this but before making it a more formal process/ part of a best practice some issues need our attention. This brings the question of active adminship of the Wikimediaindia-l mailing list. Many times, mails to Wikimediaindia-l mailing list did not appear in the list even after several days. Sometimes mails got published (do not know technicality, so excuse me for using these terms) even after several days of the deadline/event/activity. I do not know the reasons or issues in maintaining the list, but thought it would be helpful to bring this up now.

To sum up: If we aim to get state-level, project-level, and other kinds of grants posted here, we need to help several communities and many community members understand the necessity, but in the first place, we need to fix issues in maintaining this space before asking them to come here and post. I believe we can do it together and would like to see comments from other community members too.




I am grateful to you for sharing your inputs on this thought.

Sushant, I was trying to get an estimate of how many such emails might come. If needed, we can count only those grants or supports which are slightly larger in size. Starting from Rapid Grant, I do not have the exact count of how many Rapid Grant application from/related to the regions per year. I guess it will be around 10–12/year. Other grants such as Project Grant, Simple APG, APG etc open up at a specific time (mostly twice a year). I glanced through the recent grants pages and my hunch is actually it won’t be too many. However you are right, possibly we can check how many emails the list could have got in 2020. In case if there could be too many emails, I think the suggestion you have made— fortnightly/monthly email works pretty well. If needed, the email can be treated as “for information purpose” and as much as possible the discussion can take place on the relevant talk page on Meta-Wiki. Thanks, Sushant for your inputs.

Thank you, Pavan for sharing your thoughts. I am not sure about this, I feel the moderators/managers can work to fix it if the emails are getting delayed somehow. Some time ago, I don’t remember where exactly, I saw a similar post on some other large mailing list. On Telegram Wikimedia General Chat also I remember seeing volunteers came in to help in moderation.

(On a similar note: an email to Wikimedia-l a few days ago informed about an upcoming plan to review the grants strategy. Our this discussion is not directly related to that. However as this is going to be an important activity, one may consider reading: https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2021-January/096086.html )

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