[Wikimediaindia-l] Indic-TechCom (July-Sep 2020) Report

Hello Everyone,

Indic-TechCom’s quarterly report has been ready. Details are the following.

== Tools ==

== UserScript ==

== Others ==

  • Provided support and create templates and modules in Punjabi Wikipedia. (Requests)
  • Changed the content model of “பயனர்:Fathima kaniyam/common.js” (phab:T257026)
  • Fixed Italian Wikisource Vis (MediaWiki:Gadget-vis.js) for bangla wiki (phab:T252682)
  • Google OCR is not giving any output (phab:T257410)
  • Enabled Telugu wikipedia as Import source for Telugu Wikibooks (phab:T260107)
  • Added import sources for mlwiktionary (phab:T260716)
  • Upgraded pywikisource library to 0.0.2 on PyPI (phab:T263321)
  • Fixed the Main page errors in Punjabi Wikisource.
  • Fixed Module:Protection banner on Nepali Wiki

Apart from that, we have also provided support on social channels like IRC and Facebook. Thank you everyone for involving with us.

For the update, You can keep eye on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Indic-TechCom/Report/July-Sep_2020.

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Voluntary Developer, Indic-TechCom

Great going

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