[Wikimediaindia-l] Khilkhilat (ખિલખિલાટ/ખીલકીલાત)


Khilkhilat (Lit: Giggles) is an ambulance service that provides free ambulance service to a mother and her newly-born child. The free ambulance service started in Gujarat in 2012, and started expanding in other states such as Maharashtra (project name “Vastsalaya”).

We have had a short Wikipedia article on this project, which is being expanded at this moment.


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  1. Image upload: The ambulance is pink in color (https://civilhospitalahd.gujarat.gov.in/writereaddata/images/ambulance-khilkhilat-scheme.jpg), however we do not seem to have a free photograph on Wikimedia Commons. An image in the infobox will definitely improve the article. If anyone from Gujarat, or any other state, has a free photograph of Khilkhilat, please upload it on Wikimedia Commons and add in the article.

  2. If you know Gujarati, can you tell which is the correct spelling ખિલખિલાટ or ખીલકીલાત? The ambulance and the posters/news articles use both the spellings at different places? (I am co-mailing Gujarati mailing list)

  3. The article has scope of improvement/expansion, including factual accuracy check. You may help to expand/improve or do an accuracy check (please add reliable references while adding information). If properly expanded we can try taking the article to DYK under the 5X expansion category.



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