[Wikimediaindia-l] Memorandum of Understanding with NDLI, CIS and WMF

Hi all,

It gives us immense pleasure to announce to the Wikimedia community that National Digital Library of India (NDLI), Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) and Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) have signed a tripartite non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a 2-years partnership. National Digital Library of India is a Ministry of Human Resource Development project, developed at IIT Kharagpur which aims to build a virtual repository of learning resources and literature metadata.

Through this understanding, we will work together on:

  • integrating Wikisource and Wikidata contents on NDLI website.
  • building up technical infrastructure on NDLI website to crowdsource
    metadata curation on Wikidata and proofreading on Wikisource websites.
  • importing relevant contents and data from NDLI website to Wikidata and Wikisource.
  • identifying and pursuing collaboration opportunities around other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikibooks.
    After months of discussion among the three parties, the understanding was finalized during International Symposium on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design 2019, an international conference organized collaboratively by NDLI and UNESCO at IIT Delhi, where WMF was a technical partner.

Many apologies for cross-posting the announcement in different relevant mailing lists.


Jayanta and Bodhisattwa


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Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reply and interest in the partnership.

It was discussed during the Delhi meeting that as a first step, NDLI will come up with a unique authority control for the authors listed in their website and we will match them with corresponding Wikidata items, thus starting to link Wikidata content with NDLI website. The process was expected to initiate from January, but due to some other other commitments from NDLI as a government agency, it has not been started yet.

As a major part of this partnership will largely depend on the data model stated in Wikidata WikiProject Books, we need works and their editions on different Wikisource projects properly linked with Wikidata exactly following the data model. For Indian language Wikisources, I can say, the linkages are still very low. It would be great, if we can collaboratively engage as many as Wikisource communities as possible to start linking their contents on Wikidata. We definitely need suggestions and all kinds of help there organizing this.

We appreciate if highly experienced community members like you share inputs and insight w.r.t. this collaboration. Please feel free to do so pro-actively at any time.