[Wikimediaindia-l] Mini edit-a-thon: Wikipedia 20th anniversary celebration edit-a-thon

Dear Wikimedians,

Happy New Year to all, I wish this year will be full of prosperity for all. We started a series of mini edit-a-thons, recently. We have already completed two edit-a-thons with good participation.

As you all know, Wikipedia’s 20th Birthday is on 15 January 2021. It’s a big celebration for all the Wikimedians. So, it’s our duty to make special arrangements for that day. CIS-A2K is organising another mini edit-a-thon to celebrate this occasion. It will also be 2 days long and will be on 9 and 10 January 2021. Because on 15 January, there will be a working day.

This event is Wikipedia focused and we will create articles regarding various language Wikipedias and other encyclopaedias. There is a list of articles which will be helpful for creating or developing articles.


We are inviting you to participate in this event just like others. Your participation is most important for any kind of event. I hope you will provide some time to this event and make it successful.

Thank you so much

Nitesh Gill