[Wikimediaindia-l] Open Publishing Fest - May 18-29 2020

Coko Foundation, USA is organizing a global wide event to promote
“Open Publishing”.

This is an online event.

Anyone can propose, conduct event on their own language, their desired
online platform.

From the website,

Open Publishing Fest celebrates communities developing open creative,
scholarly, technological, and civic publishing projects. Together, we
find new ground to share our ideas.

This is at once a collaborative and distributed event. Sessions are
hosted by individuals and organizations around the world as panel
discussions, fireside chats, demonstrations, and performances. We
connect those points to bring them in conversation with one another
and map out what’s next.

We seek to build networks of resilience and care for people working on
new ways to develop and share knowledge.

Join us by proposing a session. Proposals will be considered on a
rolling basis up to and throughout the fest.


Propose an event here – https://openpublishingfest.org/form.html

You can propose any number of events.

Last date to propose is May 29 2020. Yes. Till the last date, you can
propose and conduct events.

Already 70+ events are proposed. Check them all here –

The events can be anything. Below are few ideas I can share

1. Demo on any free/open source software related to publishing. There
are plenty.


wordpress blog

and more

2. Hackathons to explore and contribute to these software.

3. Panel discussions on these publishing tools

4. Book reviews/discussion on open licensed books

5. Silent reading events. Mark a specific date/time and friends. Read
few open licensed books. Thats all.

6. Proofread the books in wikisource.org in your language

7. If you can write, write a book or few chapters for your next open
licensed book

8. Pratham Books is running https://storyweaver.org.in/ where you can
create story books for kids. You can draw images and upload there.
Translate existing stories to your language. All the books there in
Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

9. Check the Open Publishing Fest Event calendar here –
https://openpublishingfest.org/calendar.html Promote the all the
events you can at the social mediums you are.

You can bring more ideas and share here.

Thanks for sharing Shrini.

The events can be anything. Below are a few ideas I can share

– All of these are interesting ideas. Specially different aspects of Wikisource might be an interesting idea to present/discuss, in my opinion.