[Wikimediaindia-l] Project Tiger 2.0 - quality of articles

Dear all,

11 December 2019 (i.e, yesterday) marks the successful completion of the second month of Project Tiger 2.0 article writing contest. We have a few points to tell to all the participants.

The objective of Project Tiger is to create good quality articles in Indian languages. There are more than 20 Indian language Wikipedia communities and Project Tiger encourages them to create articles on different important topics in their languages. The topics are suggested by the Project Tiger team and also prepared by communities.

It must be noted that the total number of articles is never a goal of Project Tiger. Although we celebrate the number & statistics, what we truly believe is that the quality of the articles is more valuable than the statistics. This year, we have seen enthusiastic participation from communities and we thank them for their involvement. We especially thank the Wikipedians who are creating articles on diverse and possibly difficult topics, adding references and not violating the neutral point of view.

Few Wikipedians have raised concerns about creating template like articles. We want to ensure that friendly competition is our objective and we seek your comments and suggestions.

Project Tiger is an ongoing project and decisions and changes are made based on experience and community feedback. We once again thank the community and solicit your feedback to improve the process.

For any queries, please contact Nitesh Gill(gillteshu@gmail.com) or Suswetha Kolluru(suswetha316@gmail.com)

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