[Wikimediaindia-l] Releasing a small tool to explore wikipedia users contributions

Last week, we had a Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon 2020 event. see
here for full details


Though I did not participate in this event, (feels sad for this. Life
is too messy nowadays), I thought to build a small tool to give report
on any wikipedia user’s contribution on a given wikisite for a given
date range.

It may help to calculate, measure, decide on the contributions for
such competitions.

Mediawiki has a good API to fetch user contributions.

Get all edits by a user.

For my wonder, there was a sample python code on the same page.

The code gave only 500 results. I wrote a loop to get the data batch
by batch till all the data is received.

Published the tool here –

How to run?

python3 get_user_contributions.py <language> <wikisite> <username>
<start_date> <end_date>

This will give the data as a CSV file. Used a csv-to-html converter
utility to convert this to a web page with all the data in a sortable

For my wonder, my friend Dinesh Karthik, converted this as a nice web
application with flask, dash and hosted in heroku.


Source : https://github.com/Dineshkarthik/wiki-user-contributions

Thanks to Info-farmer for providing the idea, Bartosz Dziewoński on
wikipedia mailing list for answering all my questions, Dinesh for
making a web application quickly.

is a good place to ask any tech questions regarding wikipedia.

Thanks to all wikisource contributors for the event and in general.

This is wonderful congratulations!

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Hi All,

A quick update, Dinesh moved the above tool which was hosted in Heroku to Wikimedia Toolforge.

Thanks dinesh for the development and deploying on the toolforge.


வியா., 26 நவ., 2020, பிற்பகல் 8:05 அன்று, Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan@gmail.com எழுதியது: