[Wikimediaindia-l] Research : Need assessment for Indic language Wikisource

Dear all,
CIS-A2K has initiated a short-term pilot research project called Study on Infrastructural Needs of Indian Language Wikisource Projects ,
to collect baseline data on the challenges and needs of Wikisource projects in India. We would like to invite you to share your valuable feedback on the research design. For more details on this, including the
objective and process, you may see: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CIS-A2K/Research/Study_on_Infrastructural_Needs_of_Indian_Language_Wikisource_Projects

request you to kindly give your feedback on the following points which would be very useful to refine the study before we commence our research

  1. Are the objectives of the research clear?
  2. What do you think of the process outlined for this research?
  3. Kindly give us your general opinion/suggestions/comments about this study.

For any queries, kindly reply to this thread, or write to sneha@cis-india.org.


Jayanta Nath

Centre for Internet and Society


Thanks for carrying out the research project. As of now I couldnt comment on anything. Because I couldnt understand the requirement for the research and what is the expected outcome and what is the practical use of the project.


J. Balaji

Dear Balaji,

Thanks for your query regarding the Wikisource research project. We have tried to elaborate on some of the motivations and need for this research in the context section of the note; based on experience with Wikisource projects and conversations with community members we understand that there are persistent challenges on these platforms, particularly in terms of technical infrastructure and capacity/skills, but these are not documented or analysed in detail yet. Our attempt here is to collect more data on these challenges by talking to community members and identifying gaps and areas for improvement. The final outcome will be a report with a set of observations which may help inform and structure further efforts in developing such infrastructure, as well as focused capacity-building and training efforts.


Jayanta Nath

Dear Jayanta,

I see this project as a method to systematically engage with the many problems faced by the WikiSource communities of India, as opposed to piece meal tackling of issues. This approach is good and the outcomes will provide a solid basis for identifying the key challenges and consequently a program to resolve them collectively and individually. I do hope that the initiative will not end only with the findings but go on to resolve these problems in a focused and determined way. I look forward with great interest to this being done. I applaud the thinking of those who conceptualised the project and the CIS-A2K for initiating the research.

I have one suggestion — while you are going to engage three communities in detail, it would be very good if each Indic language WikiSource community is given a chance to present their problems, though that interaction would necessarily be shorter and shallower than that with the three identified focus WikiSource communities. I also request the Indic language WikiSource communities to avail this opportunity to present all the issues you face.

My very best wishes to all concerned doing the fieldwork for this project.

Ashwin Baindur (User:AshLin)

Dear Ashwin Sir,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the Wikisource study, and our apologies for the delayed response. The study is definitely an attempt to map the needs of Indian language Wikisource projects, particularly in terms of prevailing gaps in technical infrastructure, and we hope it will capture some of the aspects you have mentioned. The research is meant to inform ongoing and future efforts to address these gaps as well. While the present study is a pilot with a small focus group of three languages, we will surely look into ways of engaging other communities soon, and how this may help eventually upscale some of these efforts.Thanks,