[Wikimediaindia-l] SAARC Region Round 1 - Wikimedia Community Fund

Dear Wikimedians,

Applications for Round 1 of Wikimedia Community Fund will be open for the SAARC region, Northern and Western Europe region and ESEAP region from 1 November 2021. The last date for submission of application is 30 November 2021. For a detailed timeline please refer here [1].

**Please find below information about how to begin applying for General Support Funding, important dates and what flexibility we can provide, and opportunities to discuss your proposal for support before submitting it. Please review this information carefully: **

How to begin applying for General Support Funds

  • A PDF and a Google Doc of the application form for General Support Funds are available on Meta-wiki [2]
    . The PDF is an expanded application guide, which explains the questions and some example responses for your review. I strongly recommend beginning to draft your application responses in a copy of the provided Google Doc version of the application.
  • Applications for General Support Funds will be submitted on a grants management platform called Fluxx. Then non-sensitive information from the application will be posted to Meta-wiki by the Community Resources team.
    To submit applications to Fluxx, please use this link to register an account,[3] and the Grants Admin team will support you as necessary. If you need support or have questions about Fluxx registration, please get in touch with grantsadmin@wikimedia.org.

Important dates

  • A general timeline for this round [1]has been published on Meta-wiki.

  • A recommended deadline for General Support Fund proposals is 30 November 2021. However, if you need more time to prepare your proposal for any reason, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I am happy to work together with you to confirm a different arrangement for submitting your application.

Getting support before submitting your proposal

  • Conversation hours are available this month (SAARC,Northern and Western Europe, ESEAP) [4],[5],[6] for questions regarding your General Support Fund applications using Google Meet. Please refer to the Meta page for information on joining the meetings.

  • If scheduled office hours do not work well for you, or if you would like more dedicated time to discuss needs or questions please reach out via email.

  • The budget template [7] is available to help you consider how to categorize different kinds of expenses but is not required to use. Please feel free to continue using the existing budget templates you have been using for Simple APG or APG for this application. If there are more specific questions about your budget, either myself or the Regional Committee will follow up with you during the review.

  • Multi-year funding is available for applicants with multi-year organisational strategies in the General Support Fund. Please contact me if you are considering applying for this funding, and I will walk you through what expectations there will be for review, as well as how this new funding arrangement will operate.

Please write to saarc_fund@wikimedia.org, nwe_fund@wikimedia.org, or thasan@wikimedia.org if you have any questions or needs I can address. You can also write to communityresources@wikimedia.org with suggestions and ideas.


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