[Wikimediaindia-l] South Asia's Selector for the Movement Charter Process

Dear Wikimedians,

I am reaching out to you in regarding the Movement Charting Drafting Committee setup and to have a selector on behalf of the South Asian region (SAARC). Although the representatives of the region’s affiliates have been notified in advance, I would like, upon requests, to extend the information to the community that the decision on the selector from South Asia should be made by 10 October.

In order to help make a decision, a meeting has been proposed on October 9, 2021, to be facilitated by Wikimedia Bangladesh, during which we hope that decision will be reached. More details about the meeting and the process are on the SAARC selection page on Meta.

The chosen selector will be one of 9 selectors who will select, on behalf of affiliates, six members of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. The process is an opportunity to take part in choosing the members of the committee, who will be responsible for writing a governance document that is expected to be of much importance to affiliates and for the Wikimedia Movement’s future.

Please note that this announcement is regarding a process that is limited to Wikimedia affiliates (only local user groups and chapters). The wikiproject communities will be able to cast their votes for the Movement Charter’s Drafting Committee through a separate election process that will open on 11 October.

Apologies if this information comes a bit late. Please feel free to share around in the relevant spaces, and let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

All the best,


I would like to urge affiliate members to proactively participate in this discussion. The meeting is scheduled for 7pm tomorrow and the day after is the last late to nominate the selector for the region. The selectors will play a very important role in selecting some members for the drafting committee. To have our voices heard, it’s important to have our representative as selector. Please consider nominating yourself for the role of selector as well.

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I really hope to be able to join this conversation.