[Wikimediaindia-l] Updates: Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 in India

Hello all,

We have reached the 12th day of WLM 2021 and now have around 1200 images of monuments i.e. around 100 images per day, which is kind of lower than previous years and which is expected considering the COVID-19 movement restrictions. The organizers are currently filtering out poor quality images, out of scope images, images with watermarks and images which lack sufficient documentation to identify monuments.

We now have totally moved to a static map based navigation of monuments - see here. If you now click on the states and UTs in the map or in the box, it will direct you to specific pages for the monuments situated there like this page for West Bengal. Thanks to Krishna for patiently working on the svg maps of all states and UTs. We intend to make the navigation more granular district wise like this page for districtwise non-designated temples of Tamil Nadu, but it is beyond our capacity to work on all districts of India.

The reason we have not worked towards dynamic map navigation this year is because coordinates are missing for a large percentage of Indian monuments on Wikidata and without the coordinates, dynamic map will not deliver the expected impact. It is also beyond our capacity to work on coordinates of all monuments of India and thus your involvement is needed.

From our side, we are totally focusing on monuments of West Bengal. Indrajit Das is creating a database of gaves located in different cemeteries of West Bengal and they are getting included in our lists here. Till now, more than 2000 graves are included in these lists here and it will grow throughout the year. Simultaneously, we are also filling gaps of our existing tables like this one etc. Our focus on West Bengal will continue for the next couple of years until we cover all monuments located there, which are pre-documented in different sources. Considering our limited capacity, we will only focus on optimal categorization on Commons for other states from our side assuming that the rest of the work will be taken care of by experienced volunteers from respective states sooner or later.

The 3-members jury team has been formed after their confirmation. The jury members remain the same as last year. Their decision will be final and irrevocable and the organizing team will have no influence over the jury process just like previous years. The entire review process will be completed within the last day of October as we did previously.

See you and amazing photographs there in WLM,



(On behalf of WLM 2021 India organizing team)