[Wikimediaindia-l] Wikidata Eighth Birthday merchandise

Hi everyone,
As you know, WikiProject India is celebrating the 8th birthday of Wikidata this October and on this occasion, CIS-A2K will be sending Wikidata special merchandise to all Indian affiliates and communities upon request as well as active Wikidata contributors residing in India.

Affiliates and Communities

Please note,

  • All Indian affiliates are welcome to request for Wikidata special merchandise and/or infrastructure. There is no need for community notification. But, affiliate contacts or board members or executive committee members or people in similar positions, who can represent the affiliate, need to do the request.

  • All Indian language communities, except those who have geographical affiliates, are welcome to request for Wikidata special merchandise requests. But, the community should decide on-wiki and have clear consensus to whom the merchandise will be sent.

  • Indian language communities having geographical affiliates are requested to discuss any need with their respective affiliates first and ask them to request them on their behalf.

  • Only one request for each affiliate or language community will be accepted.

  • It is expected that the requests for merchandise and/or infrastructure should be practical enough to be used by community members and within the budget of maximum INR 10,000 for each affiliates.

  • CIS-A2K will not design for the merchandise. If any custom design is preferred, the affiliate or the community should upload it to Wikimedia Commons as svg format and send the link to CIS-A2K, which will be taken care of, while printing it. The design should be Wikidata specific only.
    If this sounds interesting, please feel free to request here - https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Eighth_Birthday/India#Affiliates_and_Communities

Active contributors

  • CIS-A2K will pro-actively send different gifts or merchandise as small token of appreciation for active Wikidata contributors from India. Contributors do not have to request them.
  • Merchandise can be in the form of T-shirts or mementos or other things. The budget allocated for each contributor is INR 1,000.
  • CIS-A2K will take care of the designing part.



Wikidata Co-ordinator, CIS-A2K