Wikipedia for public literacy and science teaching

Workshop description: Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the world, being the only non-profit website in the top 10. Using evolution related pages identified as needed, our participants will learn how to contribute to Wikipedia, spreading the best science while building reference articles in this popular encyclopedia.

Basic editing techniques will be covered, as well as contributing multimedia to include in articles using the Wikimedia Commons repository and the biennual Wiki Science Competition that awards the best multimedia contributions to science (

We will also briefly discuss how to integrate Wikipedia editing into a class curriculum, allowing students to not only learn about key topics but also develop critical thinking and communication skills.

This Workshop is integrated into the XV annual meeting of evolutionary biologists (


Testing the topic, adding a general doubt. @GoEThe, consegues ler isto? Achas que devia estar também em português?

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@GoEThe ?

Sim, consigo ler. O evento vai ser em inglês mesmo, porque pelo menos um participante não é português.