Wikipedia WE in Vichy

Saturday August 31 / Samedi 31 août :

  • 14h30-17h00 - “Wikipedia takes Vichyy”,
    Meeting point : Exhibition “Vichy, Reine des villes d’eaux” hall, Palais des Congrès - Opéra, parc des Sources.
  • 17h30 : Conference “Vichy, son histoire et son patrimoine sur Wikipédia : Comment l’encyclopédie collaborative permet de faire connaitre le patrimoine et l’histoire de la ville” (Vichy, its history and heritage on Wikipedia: How the collaborative encyclopedia helps to make know the heritage and history of the city) par TCY
    Palais des Congrès-Opéra – Salon Relais des Parcs

Sunday, September 1/ Dimanche 1er septembre, 15h00, Media library/médiathèque Valery-Larbaud :

  • Wikipedia workshop on the Vichy’s history and heritage
  • Wiktionnary workshop on thermal vocabulary and Bourbonnais dialects.

This Wikpedia WE is done in partnership with the city of Vichy and is one of cultural events organized this year for the Great Spas of Europe (Vichy + 10 others European spa cities) , a common candidate for inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

So I’am looking for any information on partnerships or joint actions between Wikimedia and Unesco.

I also looking for contacts with Wikimedian involved in Glam, history or heritage of the others spa cities: BadenBaden, Bad Ems, Bad Kissingen (Germany), Bath (UK), Baden bei Wien (Austria), Spa (Belgium), Montecatini Terme (Italia), Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lázne et Mariánske Lázne (Czech Republic) for further actions.

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