Wikipedians of Goa User Group (WGUG) meet at Panjim, at Broadway Book Centre

Wikipedians of Goa User Group meet on Saturday: WGUG, Wikipedians of Goa User Group, will hold its first meeting on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 4 pm at the Broadway Book Centre, 18th June Rd. WGUG aims to enhance Goa related content in all languages on the Wikipedia, and welcomes all interested in building this volunteer-crafted encyclopedia, through either words and images. RSVP needed: 9822122436


FIRST MEETING OF WGUG on 28Sep2019 at Broadway’s (Panjim). Attended by Prateek Saxena (Porvorim), Nikhil Kawale (Porvorim), Neil Shah-Quinn (Caranzalem), YourTara (Journalist,TheGoan), Jay Joshi (Journalist, TheGoan), Kabir Naik (Panjim, photographer and videographer), Tamaturgo Furtado (lawyer), Eddie Vaz (engineer, Panjim) Niraj Naik (Panjim) and FN (Saligao).

  • WGUG, a newly affiliated user group, was introduced.
  • FN suggested its functioning should be crowd-sourced and participative.
  • Funding challenges with Indian groups was raised.
  • Prateek explained Wikisource (sharable books), Wikidata.
  • Wikidata is machine-readable data and important.
  • He suggested how we could get started on it in Goa.
  • YourTara asked how newbies could contribute.
  • FN suggested photographs and a brief training on photography.
  • Timeline of Goa’s History was discussed, to help students.
  • Tamaturgo raised issue of possibly sharing books by Aquino Furtado
  • Edwin felt that there were more info on the Wikipedia in the past.
  • FN suggested collating old photos using a hashtag like #goaoldphoto
  • Nikhil suggested a #WikipediaTakesPune type evnt for Goa.
  • Prateek suggested setting up a WikiSource project for Konkani (scanning copyright-free and unencumbered books)
  • Possibility of talking to Dept of Info about copyright-free official pics.
  • Wikidata project possible for monuments in each taluka of Goa?

Ready to volunteer:

  • PRATEEK: Wikisource for Goa/Konkani, Wiki data, monuments and shrines on a map of Goa?
  • YOURTARA: Converting Isidore Mendes articles on Goan villages on Monday’s ToI into sources for Wikipedia articles. Neil offered to help.
  • Jai possible to get temple, heritage photos of Ponda via his dad onto Wikimedia Commons.
  • Kabir said he could get in a lot of photos via his network from different parts of Goa, being in the field of photography. He is a Std XI student. We all appreciated this offer.
  • Prateek to make a data-driven map of Goa, showing heritage sites, etc
  • FN to network with groups like GHAG (Goa Heritage Action Group), Dept of Info, Mangalore Wikipedians, etc.
  • Nikhil suggested a Wiki loves Monument-style campaign for Goa.
  • Neil offered to enable the Konkani script converter for the Konkani
  • Wikipedia, or help assist efforts if this is already being done.
  • Konkanverter was pointed to. To ask Hariette if she could help get Konkanverter OpenSourced etc.
  • It was felt that a WikiSource for Konkani could help put existing books and create new sharable books there, and promote interest in it. Prateek suggested a case needed to be made for a Konkani Wikisource.