Wiktionarian in Residence


I am glad to introduce you the first Wiktionarian in Residence, or Wiktionnariste en résidence as the project is in the French language!

A one-year full-time position for a contribution oriented toward the French Wiktionary.
This is a position in a university to participate in a on-going project called Dictionnaire des francophones, leaded by the Ministry of Culture of France. I am in charge of this project and I convinced my funder and Wikimedia France to co-fund a in residence with several goals:

  • Fix some old templates and document them to facilitate the reuse of Wiktionary content.
  • Enhance the content with regional uses of French around the world.
  • Support the activities of the university and specifically the host, the Institut international pour la Francophonie [International institute for Francophonie], a compound of Université Lyon 3, based in Lyon, France.

The project is presented here in French and English (poorly translated tho).

And finally, who is the first Wiktionarian in Residence? Sebleouf! One of the most prolific and meticulous contributor of French Wikipedia, a Commonist and more. I am so glad he accepted this challenge, and to have him as a colleague. He will contribute with a dedicated account, Seb en Résidence (2IF).

If you have any question in English, feel free to ask here, and for questions in French, you can look at the project talk page.