Wiktionary takes Community Wishlist Survey

Hi wiktionarians an allies!

Here we are, Community Wishlist Survey 2020 is open and this year, it’s all for non-encyclopedic projects. More specifically, wishes have to be for all projects but Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons.

So, it is our best chance to see some development for Wiktionaries! The main challenge with this survey is to write our ideas as proposals in English. So, let’s find some way to help each other to make our voices understandable for the Tech community. Everyone can open a proposal, but with the limit of three for one author. I already wrote two, so I am eager to have some help for the next ones to write!

There is so much to do to improve Wiktionary, I hope we can write good proposals and have support for those!


You can write proposals in any language. It can be translated into English later.

Yes, please do not hesitate to create a proposal in your native tongue! For non-English editors, there should be a form to create proposals directly on the survey page, above the list of categories. Do take a moment to read the survey page to ensure your proposal is appropriate for Community Tech, specifically avoiding suggestions that involve large, multi-year projects. If you are satisfied your ideas meet the guidelines, please submit them! We are short on proposals and would like to see many more :slight_smile:


Thank you both for your messages!

Well, I haven’t see that in the previous years. Usually, there is less than ten proposals in German or French and they are barely translated. A dedicate form is a good idea, but it is quite late to set it up now. I think it’s a good emulation to have ground-base conversation on our ideas and to challenge them in our own languages before we suggest them.

I am sorry, I dream big. But some of last year proposals are shorter, maybe. Some needs more research and design, other are purely technicals. I think we will have a nice list this year, as usual. Wikisourcerers have great ideas too.


Dear colleagues,

There is only five days left and still very few proposals for Wiktionary. I am quite sad, because I have plenty ideas. So, here some idea looking for adoption:

  1. Having a Reading mode and a Contribution mode with dedicated and open parameters, including specific gadgets and css.
  2. Having better metrics, like the one we have in French Wiktionary, for examples count, pictures count, quantity of nouns, adjectives, how many people have contributed to thesaurus in the past months and so one.
  3. Having an app to use Wiktionary as a dictionary in reading apps.
  4. Having more export formats, including set-ups to select a set of languages or a set of 50k more viewed pages.
  5. Having a better Cognate Dashboard that take into account the languages in each projects.
  6. Having a tab with automatic import of dictionaries entries transcluded from Wikisource.
  7. Having an anagram and advanced search such as the one we have in French Wiktionary.
  8. Having a tool that record words in newspapers that are missing in our projects.
  9. Having a visual editor adapted for Wiktionary.
  10. Having a tool to create a list of entries easily exportable, with selected information, to serve to memorize or learn a language.

Feel free to post any of those in Meta, and if you have some great ideas, I would love to read those!

Update: 9 were adopted!


Alright, time to voooooote!
C’est l’heure du vote !

Here are the proposals for Wiktionary, first in English and below in French. Your are welcome to help to translate.

Voici les propositions pour le Wiktionnaire, en anglais puis français, n’hésitez pas à traduire dans votre langue !