Wishlist for 2020

We are almost at the turn of the year that also marks the beginning of a new decade, so let’s discuss about your Wikimedia wishes (e.g. personal achievement, community milestone, organisational success, etc.) that you would like to come true in the new year.


My wish is always for phabricator.wikimedia.org/T89970 Imagine a world in which, when you have a simple question, you could just ask a representative sample of editors.


Wrapping up the movement strategy process successfully.

(A more user-friendly communication space for the movement was also a big wish of mine, and it half happened before the new year even started! Thanks to the (ex) Community Relations team for all their work on it.)

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My highest priority wish is that the WMF technical team will some day fix the annoying bug that you are not logged in on all Wikimedia wikis. I use all wikis, and when the CentralAutoLogin don’t log you in everywhere it makes your work on wiki much more difficult.

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Which bug is that? Central login should log you in everywhere (at latest on your first pageview) unless your browser is actively preventing that.

Sometimes refresh is needed (and notification tells to do that).

You also have to allow cookies from “other” websites for that to work, because “login.wikimedia.org” is apparently not the same website as “meta.wikimedia.org” or “en.wikipedia.org” according to (at least) Firefox’s logic.

I would be the most grateful in my Wikimedia life if our name Wikimedia was kept and not abolished and rebranded to Wikipedia.